The Three Mysterious Visitors

By | 16/03/2016


        I once heard of a story, and I cannot forget it for the rest of my life.

Before sharing the story with you (Which I have adapted to my own version), let me ask you this question, if you were to have three mysterious visitors – Mr. Wealth, Mr. Love and Mr.Success coming to your house, but, you can only invite one of them to enter the house, who will you choose? You can ask Joann…

                                                                           *     *     *

        Joann stepped out onto her porch one evening only surprised to see three elderly men, sitting on her front lawn, looking exhausted. Well, Joann became very Stripes concerned because she did not even know KRAS them. She approached them and said, “I don’t think wholesale mlb jerseys I know you sir, but Answering if you are thirsty please come in and have something to drink.”

         “We do not go into the house all together,” One of the elders, replied.

        “Why is that so?” she asked, feeling rather confused.

         The elder then explained, “First I want to introduce you to Mr. Success, he said pointing to one of his friends, and then points to the other, “And he is Mr. Love and I am By Mr. Wealth, I am filthy RICH.” Then he added, “Now would you be so kind to decide which one of us you want in your home, we will give you time to Standard decide.”

         And so Joann stood there starring at the three long-beard men in white robes, pondering… At the first thought, Joann wanted to invite Mr. Wealth for she was sick of eating baked beans and could only afford to buy second-hand clothes. “ Why not I invite cheap nfl jerseys Mr. Wealth to fill my home with riches?”

        She then disagreed with herself. “ I should invite Mr. Success since nobody ever recognize what I have done, I did not perform to what others expected me to, yes, I need Mr. Success.”

      Stories   After having a battle within her, at last, she decided to invite Mr. Love. cheap mlb jerseys She needed love more than anything, love made her happy, that was truly enough to have a loving family, though she was poor.

        Without further ado, she asked Mr. Love to please come in…
As Mr. Love rose and began walking toward the house, the other two elders also got up and followed her. Surprised and puzzled, Joann asked of Mr. Wealth wholesale mlb jerseys and Mr. Success, “Why are you both coming in? I thought I can only invite one person and I chose Mr. Love.”

        Then Mr. Love piped in, “Young woman, let me explain, if you had invited either Mr. Wealth alone or Mr. Success by himself in your home the other two of us would have stayed out. But since you invited me in your home, definitely all of them do follow.

        Would you do the same like Joann? love will conquer all odds, have faith and trust that friends, may you be blessed with wealth and success when you seek love first.


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2 thoughts on “The Three Mysterious Visitors

  1. Jon

    Very interesting story, I never heard that before, thanks for sharing! I wonder who I would invite in. If I saw three mysterious visitors on my porch one evening I would probably call the police! Haha. I agree that love conquers all and is all inclusive. What is success really and what is wealth without anyone to share it with? Very philosophical indeed. Where does this story originate from?

    1. Jenna Post author

      I laughed when you would probably call the police! Honestly I might do the same: the crimes are found everywhere but the love seems to be so little!If only each of us could have more love to the others, criticize less but do more, praise more, learn to appreciate more, I am sure the world will be a better place to live. Naturally, wealth and success will follow when we have so much positive energy encouraged by love. Sorry to tell that I do not know where does this story originate from, I heard it from a wise old folk. Let’s go for love first!


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