The Importance of Reading with Toddlers

By | 16/04/2016

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The importance of reading with toddlers? Are you kidding me? Read with a toddler?How can that be done? Yes, they can flip and see pictures and listen to you, but almost all of them just can’t read. However, to have the awareness of the importance of reading is crucial. That is why we are here to provide them the best education as much as possible, if it is lack of, we know that it would not be enough for them to be able to live in this competitive world as they grow older. In fact, one could start doing it at an early age. Yes, parents just need to realize the importance of reading with toddlers. Perhaps, you may want to sign them up for a result-driven toddler reading program at the comfort of your home, and you, can be their best teacher ever.

Reasons to engage your toddlers with reading

  • They are likely to excel academically

Various studies have been conducted, stating that the children who have been exposed to reading before they enter preschool has higher chance of doing better when it comes to their formal education, which is one of the importance of reading with toddlers. One of the reasons for this is that they are able to acquire a larger vocabulary of words and they also know how to use them at the same time.

  • It can improve your relationship with them

His/her toddler years are the best time for you to bond with your toddler and to strengthen your relationship with him/her for as they grow older, you would be having lesser chance to do so. Therefore, the importance of reading with toddlers is truly great as it also increases the intimacy between a parent and the child, allowing the child to feel loved at the same time.

  • Allows them to learn the basic speech skills

The toddlerhood of the child is the age where they start to learn the language.

This is also the time when they start developing their enunciation skills. By simply teaching your child how to read, they would be able to reinforce the basic sounds that create the language. Through it, you would also be able to realize the importance of reading with toddlers.

  • It develops the child’s communication skills

If you would notice, oftentimes, when you read your child book, he/she tends to show various reactions. There would be even times when they would be asking you questions about the book. This only goes to show that reading a book with toddlers is capable of improving the child’s communication skills.

  •  Enhances their concentration

The importance of reading with toddlers also includes being of help in enhancing the child’s concentration. We know that a child can be easily distracted, especially during the first time that you are reading a book with them but soon, they would be able to acquire stronger discipline and longer concentration span. Considering their focus span, the ideal time spent is about 10-15 minutes every day. This would of course, help your child when he/she enters school.

Apart from the things listed above to point out the importance of reading with toddlers, there would surely be tons of benefits your child can get from it, which shows that reading books with them indeed can be powerful. Therefore, if you want to give the best for them and if you wanted to contribute to their development, besides grabbing a book to read together with them, all you have to do to ensure effectiveness are to know the best way to teach a child read and how to teach a toddler how to read.

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