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Learn the Water Painting

By | 10/07/2016

Who said children can’t paint on the wall? Let your toddler’s creativity run and learn the water painting. No mess, just fun! Should We Allow Toddlers to Scribble on the Walls? Before moving on, let’s just take some time to understand why young children especially toddlers like to scribble on the walls and why we should allow it… Read More »

Japanese Sweet Potato Apple Wholemeal Pancakes (Organic)

By | 22/05/2016

This is a very healthy breakfast recipe and I have to say that it is not hard to make at all. If your toddler is bored of eating the ordinary pancakes, this improved recipe will be something different with added nutritional values for your children and family. The Use of This Recipe This recipe makes 10-11 pancakes not… Read More »

Do Marble Painting

By | 30/03/2016

Have you tried to do marble painting with your toddler? This no-mess activity is easy, fun and quick to prepare, most importantly, it stirs curiosity and surprises your child. Suitability: An individual child Age Group: 18-40 months Duration of Activity: 10-15 minutes You Will Need: White A4 drawing paper or light-colored bond paper An empty A4-sized box (You… Read More »

How to Make the Peanut Butter Playdough

By | 17/03/2016

Do you make homemade playdough? I have a homemade edible playdough recipe to share with you – that’s the yummy peanut butter playdough. Now, how to make the peanut butter playdough? It is as simple as A-B-C, there are only three ingredients, you do not even have to cook it if you have no plan to bake and… Read More »