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Are you looking for some easy fun toddler activities that are easy to set up with less fuss? Having trouble figuring out what to cook for your picky eater? Do you just need some motivation for one of the hardest jobs in the world (being a mom)? Maybe you’re looking for a way to unwind and relax after all that hard work with some fun mom-friendly hobbies like adult coloring, or maybe you want to make some of your free time more productive by looking into some flexible great work home ideas.

What Can This Site Do for You?

Regardless of whether you said, “yes” to just one or all of those previous questions, this site is meant to be a resource to help you on your journey! It was especially created for moms and toddlers in mind, and all of the joys and challenges that your life together can bring. Whether you’re looking for easy arts and crafts to keep your toddler busy (and to teach him invaluable skills), fast and easy meal recipes that will please even a finicky eater, short motivational stories for life to bring your spirits up when all of the responsibilities seem to be weighing down on you (Ah, adulthood! Urgh, motherhood!), or even the occasional beauty health secrets that will help to keep you looking young in the midst of all of life’s stressors, I am here for you. I’m ready to share and help you achieve happiness in everyday life with your little toddler(s).

What Are the Missions of Happy Mom Happy Toddler?

My mission at Happy Mom Happy Toddler is to get every mom and her toddler to enjoy the easy hands-on activities and meals together, which can not only help both mother and child to learn new skills, but can help strengthen the natural bonding process between them. This is also an e-platform to give moms the support that they truly need; you will be able to read and share short motivational stories for life, read about health and beauty, and learn about the best work home opportunity that will help you make money even while staying home with your youngster. Sharing is caring, right? High five! The principle behind this site is simple: A happy mom makes a happy toddler. We shall celebrate, love and laugh together.

Where Do the Content  and Information Come from?

 Well, the short answers are: Personal experience and reading! I’ve been where you are, suddenly tasked with raising a little human being and feeling completely overwhelmed about what to do. The toddler years are particularly challenging (and rewarding) because your little one is particularly willful and impressionable. Every second you spend with him can very well make an impact that will last the rest of both of your lives! (No pressure!) For this reason, I decided to build a site that would give women support in the same way that I wanted for myself.

Sharing is Caring

I was particularly worried about how I would keep myself from going crazy as a working mom who wishes to do more: about how I would squeeze time to do activities with my son plus about how I could have the strength and energy to cook and carry out activities for him even when I have the time (I am literally half-dead by the time I reached home after a hectic working day!). In reality, I did it anyway, would love sharing the ways if you would like to know. As much as I love him, I made sure to explore all sorts of crafting and creative activities for the both of us. This killed two birds with one stone, because it served to relax me and keep him mentally stimulated. Another issue that I wrestled with was how to make extra money, since raising kids can be expensive! My goal is to be a stay-at-home mom; there is no other better way than this – spending more time with your children and growing up with them if finance is not an issue. I have to find a way to get cash that covers my monthly salary; I know I can even earn more than that. This is when I discovered some great work home ideas that made everything a lot easier, and I’d like to share these methods with you. I am moving towards my goal, and I believe you can too.

Format of this Site

It is fairly simple. In addition to advice, I will also do product reviews from time to time in order to share what I personally research, outsource, use or think it is the best for our toddler(s) and us. You can work with me if you have a related product that needs an honest review and you think it would be relevant to the audience of this site. I am not the type who simply recommends something just because I can gain affiliate commissions (even though these wouldn’t cost my visitors anything extra if they purchased, anyway). I believe in giving visitors what they want, and not a bunch of salesy clutter; remaining ethical while I run this site is extremely important to me. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get the ball rolling!