The Short Motivational Stories for Life

By | 11/03/2016


        Why do you need the short motivational stories for life? In truth, the more you grow up, the more you realize that life is not just a bed of roses. There are times you feel like “oh life is great!” yet at one time or another, you think that life sucks like hell. There are so many unpredictable life challenges and obstacles thrown in front of you, be it in your family, work, relationships, health, etc. You feel like you are stuck and left alone. You start to question where is God and why He did that to you or your family?

        That is completely normal, especially when you are called a M.O.M. Do you know what is the definition of the word “mom”? According to the Daily Home Dictionary, mom is a person who does the work of twenty for FREE. (Nah, no such dictionary okay!but the meaning comes close). And not all the time you are being appreciated for what you have contributed for free!  You know there is no U-turn or quitting half way the moment you agreed to “sign up” for the “honorable post”. You should have trusted your friends when they had told you that parenting is not easy and that kids are noisy messy stubborn fellas :p. But, the mom-sized love is built to last, just believe that no matter how old your child is, he will always need you when he does not feel good, because in his eyes, you are everything to him since birth. The child is the best thing that has gifted to you, therefore you have to be stronger when every one else is failing.

         When I feel weak, apart from praying to God and leaving tangles for Him to solve, reading the short motivational stories for life is one of the great therapeutic ways to help myself to be healed, to get positive energy charged and to have hope again, for the hard times put in front of me.

        It is comforting to read stories about others who experienced the same things, you know that you are not alone and there are good moral values and roles models that you can learn from other mothers or people in the short motivational stories. Tell yourself: ” I can do it, there is nothing I can’t if I am willing to learn” and yes “we can get over it, this too shall pass, tomorrow will be a better day”.

        Below are the top five short motivational stories for life that I personally picked and adapted mostly from “Chicken Soup for the Soul Series”, hoping to inspire our fellow moms or readers in facing life challenges, enjoy the simple happiness in parenting reflection and learn from the examples:

  1. Checkers and Stripes
  2. The Three Mysterious Visitors
  3. The Happy Planner



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2 thoughts on “The Short Motivational Stories for Life

  1. Young

    I am not a mom, but I can very much relate to what you said about life and the need of motivational stories. Sometimes all we need is just being understood and accepted. It is sort of healing for me when I hear people share their struggles even though they aren’t going through the exact same challenges with me because it reminds me that the burden of life is in everyones life and I am not alone in that fact.
    I understand what you mean by feeling weak and being apart from God. Whenever I face difficulties in my life, I try to bring it to God and hear Him. However, it is hard to get even motivated to pray Him sometimes. I look forward to reading more stories to help with this. Thanks Jenna!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Thank you Young for seeing my purpose of sharing the motivational stories, “Sometimes all we need is just being understood and accepted” yes, I can’t agree more, that’s what we need the most in times of facing life challenges, and it applies not only to moms but everyone. Also, I can see your point that it is hard to get even motivated to pray to God though we know we should live by faith and not by sight-that is something pretty too hard to practise at times of unacceptable hardship. Most of the time, we expect and appreciate miracles or blessings rather than tests and temptations which will in fact help us to grow better. I will share more stories related to this for sure. I am glad that the stories can help!


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