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Are you looking for unbiased, trustworthy review of Metabolic How to Cook book or better known as Dave Ruel Metabolic Cooking book review? Then you have come to the right place. Metabolic Cooking is a guide for fat loss, weight loss, and overall health nutrition, which takes a different approach. This guide doesn’t tell you to go out and exercise for countless of hours in a day, but rather teaches you to eat healthy. It uses metabolic food to help to lose weight and achieve a well-being through a turbo charged metabolic approach. Metabolic Cooking consists of 9 cookbooks with 250 recipes which can greatly increase your metabolism, allowing you to lose weight fast.

The Author

How does Metabolic Cooking works? It is possible to lose weight fast by simple eating metabolic food? The recipes included in this weight loss guide were designed based on years of research, tests, and improvements on the original recipes by Karine Losier and Dave Ruel. Their extensive research for the best diet for fat loss has led them to the discovery of an effective Metabolic Profile System. This system explains and asks for information such as your activity level, your lifestyle, and your weight loss goals. Then, it asks for your body type (e.g. endomorphic, mesomorphic, or ectomorphic). Basically, you are ectomorphic if you have skinny body, endomorphic if you have a round fatty body, and mesomorphic if you have an athlete body.

Once you have all this information, the Metabolic Cooking will enable you to create a personalized diet plan based on your body type, lifestyle, and weight loss goals. In addition, this guide features the 10 Important Rules for Metabolic Cooking. This can be found in one of the guides that accompany the diet. You have to follow these rules word by work if you are serious about losing weight without having to spend countless of hours working out.

The Good
• Simplicity – The simplicity of Metabolic Cooking is impressive, allowing you to easily understand everything that you need to know. It explains in details the metabolic food you have to include in your diet, and other factors necessary to maintain good nutrition.
• Economic Factor – Metabolic Cooking is economical in terms of the dishes you have to eat. The metabolic foods included in your diet are available everywhere and cheap.
• Unlimited Weight Loss – The amount of fat loss you will achieve depends on your efforts.
• No Cutting on Your Favorite Dishes – Metabolic Cooking does not deprive you from going for your favorite dishes. You can still eat your favorite dishes, as long as they belong to metabolic food category and you follow the guidelines in the book for preparing them.

The Bad
Since Metabolic Cooking is a collection of 9 recipe books, a beginner may find it rather overwhelming and information overload. But, this book explains everything in detail, so it’s pretty easy to follow, and remember, try cooking each recipe one step at a time, then it will be just fine.

While Metabolic Cooking focuses on diet to lose weight, it doesn’t mean that you should back down in exercising. Having regular exercise allow to maximize your weight loss and achieve your health and fitness goals fast.

Metabolic Cooking is rated 4.0 Starts out of 5 Stars in several health and fitness websites.

4 star rating

Metabolic cooking package

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  1. Young

    Jenna, thanks for sharing the great info! I am really into health and working out. I completely believe that eating is the most critical and difficult part in terms of diet/workout plan. Especially after a busy day, its really hard for me to come home and have to think about cooking. I enjoy more of doing dishes. haha 🙂 Anyway, I visited based on your recommendation. I really like how she has example recipes and how she has own personal story behind the product. Is this an on-line book? or do they actually send me a paper copy?

    1. Jenna Post author

      Young, I am glad you like the idea of this post! Indeed, having these recipes will help you solve the thinking trouble and stay fit. The book series are e-books, however, it can be printed out as PDFs. On hearing what you need, I purposely offer a free download of 7 Quick And Easy Cooking Tricks To Banish Your Boring Diet And Burn Fat Faster which you can comfortably find and download from the post. Try out and see whether you like it!


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