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A Warm Welcome Shower to Happy Mom, Happy Toddler !

Glad that you stopped by!

Glad that you stopped by!

Oh, Jenna is me, the mom behind the scenes. Teaching is my profession and I own both Bachelor and Master Degrees in the fields related to Education. I have a playful son, Jaeden who has just hit three years old as in 2016. Well, I am often amazed by his endless toddler energy and interest even in some easy fun toddler activities a home can provide. I know how important early education is and what our toddlers should be doing is play, play and play!


My job is to play. I am specialized in making my mom angry,cry,smile and laugh

I am not a stay-at-home mom, (Working to achieve the SAHM goal, wish me luck!) but I am happy to share with you the tips on how I can find the simple balance. The balance to juggle between busy working commitment and be a mother who can still find time to cook for the family, take care of our health, go for my Me Time and have some fun toddler activities at home, etc. It certainly strengthens our bonding. Without a sibling (yet), naturally, I have turned to be his best playmate and do things like you-think-oh-it-is-boring-and-silly-but-he-thinks-it-is-so-fun.


Let’s play selfie!

Yes, I go for simplicity, everything should be easy, fun and achievable.  To tell you the truth, as a working mother teaching in one of the busiest boarding schools in the country, regretfully, I really do not have time and energy for complicated activities and recipes, even if they are really better. It’s like “my heart wants it but the body says no!” Therefore, I come out with or personally hand pick-adopt-adapt the activities and recipes that can help us to be a not perfect but a happy whole mom. Being imperfect is perfect! Just like how I have to apologize for some poor quality of the pictures taken: like any mothers out there, I was just using a smartphone to capture the moments, some excited moments were too “super fast” to be snapped; so they turned out to be somehow blurry… but one good point is that you know WE ARE FOR REAL. 


Pretend-play snap!

No matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, working mom or single mom, I want you to know that you are a GREAT MOM. You love your toddlers and yourself, want to bring out the best in them and you, that is why you are on this site. If you see what I see, if you like the ideas, let’s do it together! You can count on me. You will believe again. You shall get started here .

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Should you have any questions or ideas to ask or share with me, I am happy enough to help and improve, do send me a mail via

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Happy Mom Happy Toddler