Learn the Water Painting

By | 10/07/2016


Who said children can’t paint on the wall? Let your toddler’s creativity run and learn the water painting. No mess, just fun!

Should We Allow Toddlers to Scribble on the Walls?

Before moving on, let’s just take some time to understand why young children especially toddlers like to scribble on the walls and why we should allow it with a tweak of the “materials” used. Generally, toddlers are discovery learners, they love to see the magic of their markings on a wall, undeniably, they experience excitement from the feel of the motion and surprising appearance of the line. It is surely a way to promote creative expression ( who knows (s)he will be the next Justin Bieber? lol), build visual intelligence and eye-hand coordination.   Now, you are shouting “Hey, it’s me that need to clean the mess, it’s not easy!” But what about letting your toddler to scribble freely on the wall where it just takes few minutes to wipe it clean? Let’s learn the water painting, it is as easy as ABC. Even a baby can do that!

Suitability: For an individual toddler or older kids at home

Age Group: 24 months – 40 months

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Playing Time: 15 minutes

What You Need:

  • A cup of water
  • A few painting brushes of different sizes
  • Baby powder

Easy Steps:

  1. Choose a wall of a dark paint.
  2. Spread the baby powder over the wall. You can also invite your toddler to do that while dancing to his/ her favorite music. Caution: Be careful if the floor is slippery.
  3. Give your child a cup of water and the painting brushes, start scribbling on the wall!
  4. When it is done, just wipe it off with a damp cloth.
learn the water painting

Jaeden explained that he was drawing a spider. Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water sprout…Down came the rain and washed the spider out~

learn the water painting

This was simply scribbling. 

Another Creative Alternative…

There is another creative alternative that you can let your child to enjoy doodling or scribbling freely on the wall. One trendy way is to apply the chalkboard wall sticker! I especially like Kassa’s Premium Extra Large Chalkboard Wall Sticker. Top 10 reasons to support this:

  1. It is easy to apply and sticks well to the wall.
  2. It does not pull off any paint of the wall even when you try to reposition the wall sticker for a few times.
  3. Great idea to cover some ugly spots on the wall.
  4. Writing notes on the wall sticker is great.
  5. Can be cleaned and wiped off easily.
  6. It looks better compared to other brands.
  7. It works even better than the chalkboard paint. Chalk prefers this paper!
  8. It comes together with 5 chalks and eraser cloth.
  9. It’s the best seller in its category on Amazon.
  10. Inexpensive but better solution!

Find out more how it looks like and whether you want to give it a try!



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7 thoughts on “Learn the Water Painting

  1. Owain

    This look so ile a fun activity that me and my wife can do with our 2 year old daughter. She is always doodling with pens and crayons on paper so it would be great if she can use paint as well.

    I never thought of this before, and the beauty of this is that we have this stuff in our home so we can start straight away. Thanks for this great post. Hours of fun with my daughter, yippee.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Hi Owain,

      Oh your 2-year-old daughter has picked up doodling, that’s great! I hope that she will enjoy this water painting activity with you both, have fun! Besides, there’s another way of doodling on the wall without mess is having the chalkboard wall sticker (will update on this post). You can choose a specific wall and let your daughter draw and doodle freely on the wall like a chalkboard. It is easy to put up and clean!

  2. John

    ok so when my son grabbed my permanent sharpie marker I should have given him something a little easieer to clean.

    I came home and my entire second floor was scribbled with this marker. The water and baby powder is such a great idea!

    Chalkboard is another great idea. I’ve been considering doing a wall in my boys room like that so they can get there scribble on!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Hey John,

      Been wondering how you are going to clean the second floor? Any tip to share? If it is hard, can just use the chalkboard wall paper to cover a corner and it is entirely a freedom to scribble. Go for it!

  3. Rose

    looks like lots of fun, my kids scribble on the walls at any time they get permitted or not. Naughty things,,, some paint makes it easeir to clean off but we don’t have that paint. Might have to try this idea at home,, although they might get more on the floor ;( love your website,, looks like lots of fun


    1. Jenna Post author

      Hi Rose,

      Thank you for stopping by, yeah since your kids love scribbling, you can either try this idea at home or get the chalkboard wall paper, it’s convenient and looks like a modern home decor. I love your website too, very informative, already bookmarked it, we can be the mumpreneurs!

  4. jschicanha

    wow this is so great since i have been experiencing much pains and stress when sing my wall being dirtfied by kids with their drawings and after i read this post i found it more favorably and willingly to purchase some for my kids to make use of it when home
    thanks for the service but you must provide me with the information to where one can get the paint and the condition


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