Do Marble Painting

By | 30/03/2016

Do Marble Painting

Have you tried to do marble painting with your toddler? This no-mess activity is easy, fun and quick to prepare, most importantly, it stirs curiosity and surprises your child.

Suitability: An individual child

Age Group: 18-40 months

Duration of Activity: 10-15 minutes

You Will Need:

    • White A4 drawing paper or light-colored bond paper
    • An empty A4-sized box (You can recycle your A4 printing paper box)
    • Masking tape
    • 5-10 marbles
    • Crayola Washable Paints


This idea sparked when Jaeden (38 months) was playing a box that I simply just left behind the kitchen. Boxes seem to be something so fun and interesting to toddlers. They can think of many ways to play with the plain box, whether it is putting things in and taking them out again; covering their tiny heads like a boxy helmet, or they can even climb inside the box as shelter if it is big enough for them to explore. And so I thought that we could make use of the marbles and box to create a one-of-a-kind but no-fuss painting.

First, I asked Jaeden to place the A4 drawing paper (thicker will be better) so it fits the bottom of the box. He was curious to know what we were going to do with the box, so he did it very quickly. Then, I let him choose three of his favorite paint colors and show him how to squeeze some small amounts of Crayola Paints in the middle of the paper. Crayola Paints are good for toddlers – The design of the bottle is just the right size for little hands to squeeze. In addition, the colors are bright, non-toxic and washable in case any “accidents” happen, but I can ensure you that this is a VERY SAFE activity under your supervision. It all happens inside a box!

After that, I instructed him to throw 10 marbles in the box and helped him to seal the box using masking tape. This is the fun shake-shake time, Jaeden was so excited when he could roll (feel the marbles running from left to right, up and down) and shake the box around. In fact, if you do not have masking tape, you can just let your child to hold the box without covering it so (s)he can control the marble movements to create the painting patterns that (s)he likes. If you seal it, your child will be eager and curious to peel off the tape, when your toddler opens the box, it’s like magic, (s)he will discover a picture painted inside! That’s right, a colorful painting is created using just marbles and box shaking technique, no mess, only more surprises! Lastly, just hang the picture dry. The picture can even be used as a gift-wrapping paper as the pattern is full and thorough.

do marble painting

The results Jaeden did ^_^, as this is a very easy fast activity, we could just produce three works of arts.

IMG_3383 IMG_3386

Let say you are concerned if marbles are too small for younger toddlers -how if they are simply too imaginative: try “to eat” the marbles like glutinous rice balls and get choked? No worries, you can replace marbles with bigger balls. This concept can be applied in doing arts and crafts to celebrate holidays like Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. You can see how Jaeden and I practiced the same method to design a string of lucky shamrocks to be hung on his tent. Discover the ideas of these easy up tents you can build indoor. And, don’t forget to do marble painting today!

Do watch this personal live tutorial I have done for you: CLICK to play the video!

Do marble painting




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8 thoughts on “Do Marble Painting

  1. Young

    Jenna, you are so adorable!!! What a great job on your video!!! I am a clean freak which I need to learn letting go once we have kids. It seems like a brilliant way to play with kids without making a mess. I absolutely love it 🙂 I am going to try to do this with my friend’s daughter next time when I hang out with her. Addition to all your tips, I am going play a fun kids-friendly music and dance with her while we are shaking the box. I think it will make more patterns on the paper with more movement and make it more enjoyable. Thanks for the great tip! I enjoyed watching your instruction. Its a lot easier and more fun than reading!

    1. Jenna Post author

      Oh Young, thank you for the compliments! I am flattered, haha… it really is a brilliant way to play with kids, no mess, no fuss.Yes, your idea is even better, fun kids-friendly music and dance with your friend’s daughter, that will make the shaking activity so much fun and laughter! I will do more this kind of videos and you know it got ranked on Google page 1, number 2 on the day I published, yay~

  2. shelby

    This is such a cute idea! I am definitely going to bookmark this so my kids and I can marble paint one day.I remember doing a lot of painting at my grandparent’s house when I was little. It was such a fun-filled time for me. I hope to share moments just like that with my own children.

    1. Jenna Post author


      Haha, cute idea! I love the adjective. Thank you for bookmarking this, I can understand how you felt about the good painting memories at your grandparent’s house. Let’s try to do this with your children real soon so they will have this memory with them like what you are feeling right now. It is really super easy and fast!

  3. Gloria

    You are very creative. This is such an awesome idea. I am always looking for new ideas to do with toddlers. This one is really cool. I have bookmarked your site and I will be coming back regularly to see your other ideas. I wish I was as creative as you!

    1. Jenna Post author


      Thank you for thinking that as a creative awesome idea! It is indeed a no-mess, easy activity, hope that you will enjoy playing that with your kids. It made me even happier when you have bookmarked it and coming back to see. You will be creative when you let your creative juice runs, blend one!

  4. Andi

    Hello Jenna, what a fabulous idea. I am a mum of a four year old and I am 46 so we have a big gap too, I think it might be what keeps me young.
    I personally love marbles and always have which is why it is surprising to me that I haven’t thought of doing this sort of painting with my son.
    But I will today, and I know he is going to love it.
    I love reading your site as it is fresh and zingy and easy to follow.
    So keep the good ideas coming as I am eager to always read more.
    from Andi.

    1. Jenna Post author

      Hello there Andi,

      Oh my, I can’t believe that you are 46, you really look young, I think I have to give credits to your son as well, haha. Very happy to know that you will try this activity with him today, yes, you know him the best. Thank you for the compliments of my site, that is really encouraging! will keep the good ideas coming, (there are already there with the pics taken) the problem with me is …slow writing…oops!


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