A Children Learning Reading Review

By | 22/04/2016

Mother reading a book to little baby. Indoors.

You are going to find the truth from a children learning reading review. If you are one of the parents who realize the importance of reading with toddlers, believe that the key of your child’s potential and success lies in reading ability, then Children Learning Reading is the best for you if you are one of the parents having a difficulty inculcating your children at home. The system is relying on solid scientific methods; principles and strategy that will help you avoid the learning techniques that cause learning difficulties in children. You always come up with an idea on how these children learn through reading. This review will share you with the personal experiences of the mothers who have taught her children using this program at home. See what the effects of learning of the reading program to their child.

What is Children Learning Reading?

It is a systematic and unique reading program that is based on phonemic and phonic awareness instructions that is able to teach young children even at the age of 2 to 3 months old. Jim Yang, a successful program creator used the program in teaching his four young children to read. Studies show that phonemic awareness is very effective in helping the children to manipulate the phonemes to sound out the words in decoding printed texts. The studies also show that the teaching reading that is used by phonics method can produce more fluent and successful readers. This learning reading program is consists of fifty title lessons that are broken down into two stages.

Here are some of the pros and cons that the mothers had discovered as the reading activity goes on:

Pros of Children Learning Reading:

  • This program helps and teaches the children to develop their awareness to phonemic and phonics skills.
  • A good introduction in the main e-book that discuss the benefit and importance on early reading, same with the steps needed to help the children on how to learn to read.
  • Step by step lesson that makes it easy to follow.
  • You will be given the chance to learn phonics if you do not have an idea what it is and how it is done. You are teaching and at the same time, you are learning.
  • Audio clips that dictates the accurate sounding and pronunciation of the words. This can help you as a teacher when you do not have formal schooling with phonics.
  • Rewarding experiences will be obtained when your children had learned from it.
  • There are provided printouts that you can use to widen up the lesson range for your kids.
  • The program is affordable as compared to other branded children reading programs.
  • This program has produced many successful children that can read beyond their age with real- life written and video testimonials.

Cons of Children Learning Reading:

  • You need to exert extra time daily just to help the children learn. A successful reading session requires daily parental guide and involvement as well as lesson consistency.
  • In the Stage 2 of reading program, there are words that did not come out quite well when they sounded it out.

Children Learning Reading can effectively help the parents on how to teach a toddler how to read and offer the best way to teach a child read. It will provide them a rope and accurate orientation regarding learning and reading views.

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